Pillar of FDU

Rosemary Murphy
Administrative Assistant
Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities
Metropolitan Campus

Rosemary has been a dedicated FDU employee for more than a quarter century. She started in the President’s Office in 1987 and moved to the Regional Center in 1990, where she manages so many facets of the operation that she has become the heart of the program. She is known for her strong work ethic and her long days, but she is even more renowned for her sensitive, friendly manner and her willingness to help everyone who needs a hand. And her students are like members of her extended family. She cares for them with maternal devotion, fosters their hopes and nurtures their dreams. In fact, after her 10 children were grown, Rosemary opened her home to FDU international students. An FDU student herself and now an alumnus, Rosemary approached her studies with the same devotion she applies to everything. Despite raising a family and working full-time, she graduated from the weekend program for adults with a perfect 4.0 and won the Dean’s Award. She received a standing ovation then, and she deserves another today as we recognize Rosemary as a Pillar of FDU.