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"ART and..." is my Radio Interview show - speaking with people from the Art World about themes and issues in Contemporary Art
This Sunday morning, it can be heard on WFDU FM (Teaneck, NJ) - This week is an Interview with Artist MARIE A ROBERTS who has been the official banner painter for the Coney Island Sideshow for the last 16 years. It will AIR @ 8:00 am this SUNDAY morning (the 28th) - streaming live OR you can listen any time you want on the station Archive over the next 2 weeks.

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Welcome to the web pages of School of Art and Media Studies, where you will learn about our curriculum, courses and concentrations, as well as faculty and facilities.

The Art major is designed to teach students traditional art methods and aesthetics as well as to offer a wide range of computer art courses for the digital media industry. The program combines fine arts, design and technology to balance high career aspirations and prepare students for fields as diverse as print making, desktop publishing, web design, digital photography and video.

The Communication major prepares students for careers in radio and television production, print and broadcast script writing, journalism, video moviemaking and editing, and advertising and public relations. For students interested in a less technical approach to media, the program offers a wide variety of lecture courses in film history and criticism, popular cultures, intercultural communication, on-the job writing, and contemporary television.

We are ideally situated to offer a global perspective as we have the world’s premier international city, New York City, twenty minutes or less away from campus.