Criminology Interdisciplinary Minor (18 credits)

The minor in criminology enables students to examine the following as they relate to race, class, gender and sexuality:

  • theories of deviance and crime,
  • deviant and criminal behavior, and
  • aspects of the criminal justice system (e.g. police, courts, prison, etc.)

Students interested in this minor are encouraged to major (or double-major) in sociology, political science, history and/or psychology.

The minor requires six 3-credit courses selected from the following:

Political Science



Note: Students who wish to double-minor in criminal justice and criminology are required to take three additional classes (a total of nine classes, or 27 credits, for the double minor). Elective classes can be from either the criminology or criminal justice minors; however, at least two of the nine classes required must satisfy the criminology minor exclusively (i.e. at least two of the nine classes cannot appear on the list of classes satisfying the criminal justice minor.)

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Dr. Riad Nasser