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2014 Commencement Q and A

· When and where do I file my declaration of candidacy?

You must file with the Office of Enrollment Services to initiate graduation certification and advise the University that you intend to graduate in May 2014. You should have received a “Declaration of Candidacy” form in the mail during the fall 2013 term.  The deadline date for filing was November 1. If you have any further questions, please call your campus Office of Enrollment Services listed below.

College at Florham  (973) 443-8600

Metropolitan Campus   (201) 692-2214

· When and where is the ceremony being held?

The ceremony is being held at the IZOD Center in the Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. The Processional begins at 9:30 a.m. and the Commencement ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. Candidates for graduation must arrive no later than 8:30 am. through the Arena Public Entry located between Gates A and D, and proceed on the escalators to the Arena floor level. You will be lined up according to your degree and by college. No family or guests are permitted in the graduate line-up area.

Commencement Traffic Advisory

Please be advised that all participants in the May 20 Commencement at the IZOD Center in the Meadowlands must be at the arena by 8:30 am. Because of Arena parking reconfiguration (see Note below) and traffic lane construction, you should allow an extra hour of travel time. Families and friends of the graduates should also allow for the extra travel time. For up to the minute traffic updates, please visit

Note: Parking will be in Deck 23 and Lots 26, 27 and 28 as shown in the Meadowlands Map.

· Will my name be called?

All graduates will have their names called. You will be given a name card to fill out in the line-up area. Each graduate will walk across the stage and be congratulated individually.

· What time should the ceremony end?

The ceremony should end by 1:00 pm.

· Will diplomas be distributed on stage?

No. Diplomas will be mailed during the third week of June, 2014.

· Will guests require a ticket for admission to the ceremony?

All candidates for graduation can have an unlimited number of guests.  Therefore, an admission ticket for the ceremony will not be required.

· Will accommodations be provided for disabled persons?

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at your home campus, if the candidate for graduation requires accommodations. The telephone number for the College at Florham Dean of Students Office is (973) 443-8935 and the Dean of Students telephone number at the Metropolitan campus is (201) 692-2190. If your guest requires accommodations, please contact ADA services at the Meadowlands Sports Complex at (201) 935-3900 or visit the website at

If you experience problems with obtaining the necessary accommodations for your Disabled guest, please contact the Dean of Students Office at your campus.

· Will there be a reception, following the ceremony?

There will not be a reception following the ceremony.

· Where and when do I pick up my academic regalia and commencement announcements?

Candidates for graduation can pick up their academic regalia and commencement announcements at their campus “Graduation Salute” Program.

Florham Campus: 
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
11 am - 6 pm

Student Center Mall

Metropolitan Campus:
Wednesday April 16, 2014
10 am - 5 pm
Alumni Hall

Note:  If a candidate for graduation cannot attend the “Graduation Salute”, then the student can pick up academic regalia along with the commencement announcements at the bookstore of their primary campus on the following dates:

College at Florham: Thursday, April 10 through Friday, May 16 (regular business hours)

Metropolitan Campus:  Through Monday, May 19. Tel:  201-836-7818 FDU Bookstore

We encourage all students to attend the “Graduation Salute” Program. Note: Students in Online Program please contact the Office of Online Programs if you have questions about graduation preparations.


· Can I pick up my academic regalia and announcements at another FDU campus, other than my primary campus.

Students will not be allowed to pick up their academic regalia and announcements at another FDU campus other than their primary campus. In other words, College at Florham students must pick up their academic regalia and announcements at the College at Florham, and Metropolitan Campus students must pick up their academic regalia and announcements at  the Metropolitan Campus. No exceptions can be made.

All Partnership Program Students must go to the Metropolitan Campus Graduation Salute Program or make arrangements through the Metropolitan Campus Bookstore.

· Where do I obtain my academic awards, if I earn Academic Honors?

Students who qualify for academic honors will be notified directly by the Office of Enrollment Services regarding the time and place to pick up their awards.  Contact Enrollment Services with any additional questions you may have.

College at Florham Students Only (973) 443-8600

Metropolitan Campus Students Only (201) 692-2214

· How should I dress for the ceremony?

Dress should be appropriate for the occasion. It is recommended that the candidates for graduation wear business-casual attire. It is also recommended that they wear comfortable shoes but not sneakers. Personal belongings should not be brought to the line-up area. Candidates for graduation will not be permitted to carry handbags, cameras, balloons or any other objects.

· Will there be a Commencement Rehearsal?

There will be no commencement rehearsal, but designated marshals will guide the candidates for graduation through the processional into their proper seating area.

· How do I get to the IZOD Center?

See Driving Directions page.

· Where can guests stay overnight near the campus?

See Places to Stay pages for College at Florham and Metropolitan Campus.

For further questions or concerns, please contact your respective Dean of Students Office.

Florham Campus
(973) 443-8935
Metropolitan Campus
(201) 692-2190