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The University Library serves a student population of over 12,000 students primarily on two campuses, the Florham Campus and the Metropolitan Campus. We offer fully developed, physical libraries on each campus plus three smaller facilities: a Business Research Library in Dickinson Hall, a study facility in the Edward Williams Building, and the North Jersey Heritage Center and archives, all on the Hackensack side of the Metropolitan campus. A reading room of approximately 10,000 volumes is installed at the Wroxton campus in England, and a resource center with close to 1,000 volumes is available at FDU-Vancouver.  

Book circulation is available to faculty, staff, students and alumni holding valid Fairleigh Dickinson University ID cards. CoolCAT — the searchable online catalog—shared by the libraries of Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) and the College of St. Elizabeth (CSE)—displays the combined libraries’ holdings of some 450,000 volumes. The catalog can be searched while on campus or remotely; intercampus book loans can be requested for delivery to the request site library through the catalog as well. Interlibrary loan requests for titles held by libraries outside the University can be made online or at the circulation desk of any library.

Like most academic libraries, FDU is shifting focus and resources into its online (digital) library. The FDU Library offers electronic “finger-tip” access to a wealth of periodical literature (through 20,000+ scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, trade and popular magazines, as well as newspapers of internationally-published titles), via 100+ online subscription databases. In addition some 115,000+ e-books are available through the catalog from ebrary and EBSCO. These electronic resources can be accessed through the library's website, on-campus through a registered login, and remotely, using an FDU Webmail ID and password. Online/streaming videos are also available throuh the FDU Online Library as well as the NJVid Portal.

The FDU Digital Archives collection consists of unique items from the university's archives, and from distinctive collections developed in collaboration with non-library partners, related to both the history of Northern New Jersey and the University. Materials include master's theses, government documents, historical photographs and documents, digital artifacts, maps, and podcasts. This collection is continually growing as we work to preserve our University's heritage.

Each library serves as a center for education and learning on its campus and has developed distinctive collections tailored to the programs offered there. There are several "special" collections. Throughout the system, a staff of fulltime professional librarians offer individual guidance as well as classroom instruction in library use and research.