Photos and Images

Athletics Photo Stores

Each of the two athletics programs -- FDU Knights and FDU Devils -- operates an online Photo Store with images for sale, with action photography from recent competitions.

FDU Logos

If your office or department needs to include an official FDU logo on a document, authorized logos are available for download at .

Photos for FDU Content Management System Pages

Many photos have been uploaded to the CMS File Manager and are available for inclusion in pages created within the CMS. Wide banners that stretch across the top of the page are available at . Individual images that are used in the random selection for "rotating banners" on the FDU site are available separately at and .

FDU Photo Album

Several hundred images, identified with 4-digit numbers, are available for use with Pagetoaster 2 pages, which include the Inside FDU newsletter and web pages of the FDU Press, among others. The images can be seen at and can be emailed to your friends by clicking a link on each page. These images are never larger than 500 pixels wide, so they are not large enough for printing.

Pagetoaster Gallery

Another several hundred images, identified with 3-digit numbers, are available for use with Pagetoaster pages, including many of the individually maintained pages of faculty, staff, and alumni. These images are uniformly 130 pixels square.