Events Calendar

Student Events Calendar:

Last academic year student clubs and organizations, academic departments and the residence hall staff sponsored more than 2,000 events and programs for students at the College at Florham.   That averages a little more than 9 events a day, every day, during the fall and spring semester.   Even with these very impressive numbers, many times you will hear “there is nothing to do” echoing in the corridors of around campus.

Clearly, part of the problem is not that there is nothing to do, but it is KNOWING what there IS to do.   To help solve this problem, the Division of Student Affairs has been working to develop a new online, “one- stop” calendar to publish and advertise the numerous events, programs and activities on campus.  Students can access the calendar directly by visiting:

This powerful new calendar allows students to customize and filter the event listings to tailor the display to event types that interest you the most.  With one click you can also integrate the listing with your facebook, Outlook, Gmail, or Iphone calendars or set email and text message notifications about the events you choose. 

As part of the event clearance process student clubs and organizations can also submit their event information to the calendar by completing a simple on-line form.

We hope that students find this new tool helpful and a great way to learn about everything that is going on at the College at Florham.  If you have any questions or feedback concerning the Events Calendar please contact the Office of Campus Life.