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A study abroad experience will change a student's life. Obviously, the experience may enrich learning in areas of study as diverse as renaissance art and rain forest ecology, but the same is true for many other areas of study. Equally important, however, is the change that the experience will have on a student's perspective, which will be dramatically expanded. It gives a student the opportunity to see the world from a totally different viewpoint -- from outside the United States. 

FDU Study Abroad


Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities

Every semester; hundreds of students travel abroad and gain an experience of their life time. In the past students have travelled to places like Wroxton, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Prague, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, London, Australia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, South Korea, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

Trip DetailsDate of Trip

THEA 2339 London Theater Experience -- London, England
Contact: Stephen Hollis,
Ph: 973-443-8467
Cost: $2470

March 16 – March 23, 2014

ITAL 1001/1002/3056/FILM 2205/COMM 2260 – Bergamo and the Italian Riviera, Italy
Contact: Gloria Pastorino,
Ph: 973-443-8346
Cost: $3,200

May 17 –June 14, 2014

COMM 4070 –Int'l Corp. Communication and Culture – Wroxton, England
Contact: Gary Radford,
Cost: $1,875

May 19 –June 2 2014

PSYCH 3361 Cross Cultural Issues in Psychology – Wroxton, England
Contact: Lona Whitmarsh,
Ph: 973-443-8549

May 21 – May 29, 2014

HUMN 2012 Roman Britain – Wroxton, England
Contact: David Epstein,
Cost: $2,042

June 5 –June 15 2014

Wroxton When it Sizzles – Wroxton, England                                                                  Two incredible courses including visits to Oxford, Bath, London, Stonehenge, and many more!
Ph: 973-443-8086
Cost: $4,933

July 1 – July 26, 2014

EDUC 3406 Field Experience Global – Japan
Contact: Daniel Aronoff,
Ph: 973-443-8346
Cost: $3070

July 7 –July 17, 2014



FDU Study Abroad

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Brian Swanzey, MA
Director of Wroxton and Study Abroad

Anne Miksza, MA
Study Abroad Specialist