Proficiency Exams

Credit may be issued for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the New York University Foreign Language Proficiency Testing Service examination program or ACT-PEP. Students enrolled at Fairleigh Dickinson University must obtain authorization forms and the required signature for approval to take specific tests from the campus Office of Enrollment Services. Except for the College of Business Administration, 6 undergraduate or 3 graduate credits may be granted for Peace Corps volunteers (overseas service) and for VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) service.

Qualified students can earn college credit

  • for courses already completed at an accredited college by examination (CLEP, the College Credit Recommendation Service [formerly PONSI], DANTES, ACTPEP, TECEP and Fairleigh Dickinson University Challenge Exams);
  • through continuing education units (CEUs); and
  • for work experience and experiential learning via FDU's unique portfolio assessment program.

CLEP examinations may be used as substitutes for particular FDU courses, and credit toward degree requirements may be awarded by completion of approved examinations. These approved examinations, minimum acceptable scores and course equivalencies are designated on a list maintained in the campus Office of Enrollment Services and the Academic Advising Office. Students considering this option should consult with the Academic Advising Office of their College to determine the suitability of particular CLEP examinations to their major.

Acceptance of all CLEP tests is contingent upon the following provisions:

  1. Up to 33 credits may be awarded toward most baccalaureate degrees;
  2. All CLEP examinations must be taken before completion of the student's first 64 credits and applied toward those 64 credits only. Exceptions can be made for students transferring in with 32 credits or more;
  3. If the CLEP examination duplicates previous course work, credits will not be awarded. Credits earned through the CLEP examinations are not included in the cumulative grade point ratio.
  4. Transfer students may apply CLEP credits earned at institutions other than FDU to an FDU degree program.
  5. Failed courses taken at FDU cannot be replaced through CLEP examinations.