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US Residents

International Applicants and Americans Living Abroad

Two-Year Associate Degree for Commuters (Metropolitan Campus Only): Download the printable application package.

Rolling Admissions

At Fairleigh Dickinson University applications for undergraduate admission are processed on a rolling basis and students may apply at any time prior to the start of classes. However, all students are encouraged to apply at their earliest opportunity to allow ample time to complete the application process and be considered for scholarship.


Apply for GRADUATE Study

US Residents

International Applicants and Americans Living Abroad

For the following programs, please see the Graduate Special Form page for application instructions

  • Executive MBA
  • Master of Administrative Science (MAS) Degree
  • MA in Creative Writing & Literature for Educators
  • MA in Student Services Administration
  • MFA in Creative Writing
  • M.S. in Homeland Security (MSHS)
  • Master of Sports Administration (MSA)
  • M.S. Taxation (MST)
  • Ph.D. & Psy.D. Programs in Psychology
  • Pharm.D. in Pharmacy

Need more information before you apply? See Undergraduate Information Request or Graduate Information Request to get answers from FDU Admissions.

Online Application Features

  • The web application server stores the information you enter under the private user name and password you establish.
  • Nothing you enter on an application form is sent to the institution until you transmit it. That means you can set up your account, fill out information on an application form, change it, and save it free of charge and without worry of disclosing information to the institution before you're ready.
  • You don't have to complete an application in one sitting. For example, you can start working on an application at your library's web terminal, save your work, recall it from your web terminal at home, and continue working from there. Wherever you have access to the Web, you have access to the information you've saved.
  • When you fill out more than one application form, common information you filled in on the first form is automatically entered in all subsequent forms. For example, if you've entered your name and address on an application form and saved it, that information will be automatically entered on the next online form you access (assuming, of course, that the next form also has name and address fields). Also, if you change the information on one form, it's changed on all others.
  • Your data is transmitted securely over the Internet. The information you enter is encrypted and secure when you save it and when you send it. Although general data collected on the system may be used in statistical studies and reports designed to assist institutions with planning, any information bearing your personal identification is only disclosed to the department you send it to.
  • When you save or transmit application information a note appears in your Activity Log. You can easily check your Activity Log at any time to see your application activity and to find out when the school has acknowledged receipt of your application.