Residence Hall Guest Registration

The University has made it easier for you to register any overnight guest who will be staying in your Residence Hall room.  Information on the policy for guests is located in the Student Handbook; please refer to your campus Student Handbook as below for guest policy.

You can now register your guests on line. You can also register them in advance.

Click for the Guest Registration webpage and enter your FDU Webmail information. You will then be able to register your guest.

Once you have completed the Guest Registration information, when your visitor arrives, you must go to one of the designated guest registration areas on campus. (See locations at right.) Your visitor will be required to leave their current driver’s license or other photo id, and they will be issued a printed guest ID badge. When their stay is over and they are ready to leave, they must go back to the guest registration area and return the guest ID and then they will be given their photo identification back.

The guest registration system is important so that we know who is on campus, especially during any emergency situation.

Remember to register any overnight guest and have them carry the guest ID badge with them at all times. Failure to properly register your overnight guests can lead to disciplinary sanctions.

If you have any comments or concerns, you can contact either the Director of Public Safety or the Director of Residence Life.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Metropolitan Campus

  • Public Safety Office
  • Northpointe

College at Florham

  • Public Safety Office
  • Danforth Security Booth
  • Residence Life Office