News and Events at the Vancouver Campus

Vancouver Students Go on Air with Coop Radio

YVR - Coop Radio - Collantes HALFIn an effort to generate awareness on the importance of completing a university degree, Coop Radio - Vancouver’s host, Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez opened a space during his radio shows Mundo Flamenco and Romantic Tango aired Thursdays from 9 to 11 am on 100.5FM to Vancouver Campus students Alejandra Collantes and Arlyn Muniz.

The two young students were able to express not only the importance of completing a university degree, but the great achievements they both have been able to attain while studying at the Vancouver Campus. In detail, Miss Collantes shared with 100.5FM listeners her gratifying experience at the United Nations where she and other FDU Vancouver students won the “Distinguished Delegation” Award at the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in April 2014.

Miss Arlyn Muniz was able to talk about her academic success with the Master program she is currently enrolled in and invited her fellow citizens in the Dominican Republic to follow their dreams and not rest until they are achieved.

FDU's Vancouver Campus extends its gratitude to Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez and Coop Radio Vancouver for permitting two of our rising stars send a positive message to the Vancouver community.      

Modernist Versions Project Names Two Vancouver Students as Research Assistants

YVR - Nyarai Tawengwa-headshot LOGOYVR - Camila Castro-headshot LOGONyarai Tawengwa and Camila Castro, students from the Vancouver Campus, have been named as Research Assistants to the Modernist Versions Project. They will be producing comparable digital critical editions based on the following works: Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time and H.D.’s seven poems in Des Imagistes and their revisions in Sea Garden. They will be working under the supervision of  Dr James Gifford (FDU, Vancouver Campus) and Stephen Ross (University of Victoria) to digitize and markup these texts, use versioning tools for comparison, and finally collaboratively produce digital critical editions with a scholarly apparatus for classroom use.

University SEED Grant Awarded to Gifford and Ross

The Modernist Versions Project is proud to announce that co-directors James Gifford and Stephen Ross were awarded the University Provost’s SEED Grant at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver Campus.

YVR - NMUN Distinguished Delegation Award HALF

National Model United Nations Distinguished Delegation Award

The Vancouver Campus Delegation won the Distinguished Delegation award at the National Model United Nations!  This is an extremely impressive achievement considering that this only the second year that the Vancouver Campus has been participating in this conference.

Congratulations to Head Delegate, Ira Saini and the team consisting of Camila Castro, Luis Ceron and Alejandra Collantes.

The Letter of the Law: From B.S. to J.D.

When she walked across the stage on May 7 at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Vancouver Campus’ 2014 Commencement, Ana Morales Murrieta, 22, had more to smile about than just completing her bachelor’s degree. She is also the first Vancouver Campus graduate to go on to law school after FDU. [more]

The Diplomatic Circle Series

The Diplomatic Circle Series is a series of presentations on the Education and Political situation in various countries. The Series was inaugurated in January 2011 and on a monthly basis a Consul General of one of the countries where FDU-Vancouver students are from will be invited to speak on their country’s education and political situation. These events will be open to the public. [more]

The Distinguished Visitors Series

The Distinguished Visitors Series is a series of presentations ranging on different topics from the business, information technology and humanities communities. The Series was inaugurated in January 2011 and on a monthly basis a speaker from one of the communities will be invited to speak. These events will be open to the public  [more]

FDU-Vancouver Forms a Local Pathway Agreement with VanArts

On Thursday, November 21, 2013 FDU-Vancouver and VanArts signed an articulation agreement enabling students from VanArts to transfer credits and complete a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies at FDU-Vancouver. [more]

REVEAL Business Simulation 2013

YVR - Reveal 2013 HALFCongratulations to Tinotenda Chabudapasi, Farai Mwambira, Rumbidzai Kabatebate and Juanita Lozano who competed at UBC’s REVEAL Business Simulation 2013 competition. REVEAL is a three-day long business simulation hosted at the University of British Columbia.

The team competed against 15 other universities from across Canada.

Tinotenda Chabudapasi and Juanita Lozano both won their team mini-challenges. Tino won the Venture Capitalist Challenge and Juanita won the Policy Change Challenge.

Check out the video of the competition: #REVEAL2013.