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Many people don’t know that in addition to its well-publicized public service polls, PublicMind also conducts surveys and other research for private clients, including corporations, non-profits, and public agencies. “As director of research for PublicMind, I work closely with each of our clients from initial project design through data collection to analysis of the results,” said Dr. John Schiemann. “In many cases, our clients want to publicize the credibility behind the research findings and I will make a public presentation of the results,” Schiemann added.

Schiemann doesn’t work alone, however. “While I supervise every PublicMind client project, the PublicMind team includes a wide range of faculty experts and research associates as well as a professional telephone and web-based field house for data collection.”

"We have conducted research in the financial, health care, and strategic consulting industries in addition to work for New Jersey non-profits. As an academic, it’s very satisfying to know our research has an immediate and real impact, not only on the marketing or communication strategies of our clients, but also on public policy,” Schiemann said.

Dr. Peter J. Woolley, executive director for PublicMind, adds, "PublicMind provides a scientific check on the claims of office-holders and pundits who claim to know the common wisdom and what the voters want."

"What voters want and why isn't necessarily what public office holders say they want. That's why PublicMind research provides a valuable check against those who would shoot from the hip and provides information to those who want to make informed decisions," Woolley said.

Client Testimonials

"We had a sensitive and complex survey project. Public Mind's responsiveness and expertise was evident from the initial questionnaire design through the data analysis to the presentation of the results. PublicMind's work on the project led to direct and immediate benefits for Makovsky & Company and its client. More important, the information will be used to help medical professionals save lives." - Gil Bashe, Executive Vice President, Makovsky & Company

"The expertise and insight provided by the team at PublicMind was indispensable to our recent research project. From survey construction to call execution, we have been delighted with their excellence, responsiveness and willingness to act as a true partner at every step of the process." - Claire Hunsaker, Katzenbach Partners, LLC

"Our experience with the PublicMind Poll was close to ideal. We examined the objective on mutual, trusting terms and never had a problem with receiving a timely response. We were all impressed with the quality output at a reasonable cost and would not hesitate to encourage others to use their services as we expect to do on an annual basis." - Peter J. Furey, Executive Director, New Jersey Farm Bureau


PublicMind Contact Information

Web site:   FAX: 973.443.8799 or 973.829.0050

Executive Director, Peter J. Woolley, Ph.D.: 973.443.8725;

Director of Research, John Schiemann, Ph.D.: 973.443.8731;