Nurul Syaheedah Jes Izman

Nurul Syaheedah Jes Izman is an international student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a sophomore majoring in international business on the Metropolitan Campus and plans to start an international trading company in Malaysia after graduation.

Nurul Izman FULLNurul, a Fairleigh S. Dickinson scholar, is active in the International Student Association.

She is the daughter of two FDU alums who graduated from the University in the mid 1980’s and then returned to Malaysia where they work as business consultants. Nurul’s father also has an MBA from FDU. “I think I wanted to walk in their footsteps,” she says, “and discover what they discovered at FDU.”

Nurul has five brothers and sisters who all plan to study in the United States …. possibly here at FDU.

Nurul had visited the United States with her parents and decided to come to Teaneck, N.J., in 2003, as a student at her parents’ alma mater. Since her arrival, she has visited Boston, Washington, D.C. and Florida. She is looking forward to a trip to California later this year.

Although she misses her family in Kuala Lumpur,  she enjoys being a student. “Yes, I feel homesick sometimes,” she says, “especially when the semester starts and the work piles up. But, I just get so busy and occupied. Having fun and kind friends around me is making my stay a pleasant one.”

In Nurul’s own words

On being an international student at an American University

“Home is where you make it to be. I have no doubt that once you allow yourself to see the world you find that there are more things we have in common than otherwise. So, I feel very much at home here in FDU. It's my home away from home.”

On going to school so close to New York City

“So close yet so far away. What can I say. I have the best of both locations. After an exciting day in New York City I can always come home to quiet and comfortable FDU. Its like the yin and yang of places to be.” 

On the diverse culture of FDU

“Why do we like rainbows? It’s the diverse colors arranged in a coherent whole that makes it attractive to the human senses. And that is how I see the diverse culture colors here all made into a coherent whole in a global educational rainbow called FDU.”