Cumberland County College-Winter/Spring 2015

Winter Term January 5, 2015 - January 23, 2015  
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
HUMN 3218.P1DCurrent Ethical Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A20
HUMN 3318.P1DJerusalem:  The Holy City3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A20
Term 1 January 26, 2015 - March 17, 2015  
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
HUMN/PADM 4590.P3Religion and Terrorism3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmYusuff
PADM 4589.P3Legal Issues in Homeland Security3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pm 
SOCI 2247.P3Popular Culture3 Credits T/TH 6:30-9pmKleiner
BUSI 2460.P3Corporate Governance3 CreditsSAT 9-3pmPlace
PADM 3300.P3Public Policy & Administration3 CreditsSAT 9-3pmParker
PSYC 3305.P3Adolescent Growth and Development3 CreditsSAT 9-3pmBrooks
Terms 1 & 215 WeeksJanuary 26, 2015 - May 16, 2015  
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
EDUC 2209.P3 Seminar in Professional Practice II3 CreditsM 6:30-9pm
EDUC 6893.P3Evaluation and Measurement3 CreditsM 6:30-9pm
PADM 6602.P3Budgeting and Finance3 CreditsM 6:30-9pmM. Roemer
EDUC 6661.P3The Multicultural Classroom3 Credits T 6:30-9pm
EDUC 6703.P3Personnel Supervision and Evaluation3 CreditsT 5-7:30pm
(For Reading Specialist Students)
EDUC 7674.P3Master's Seminar:  Research in Specialization3 Credits T 4:30-6:10pm
(For Reading Specialist Students)
EDUC 7812.P3Final Project:  Applied Research2 CreditsT 4:30-6:10pm
EDUC 6820.P3Problem-Based Strategies for Elementary Math3 CreditsW 6:30-9pm
(Will not be offered again until Spring 2016)
EDUC 6825.P3Apprenticeship Teaching Seminar2 CreditsW 4:30-6:10pm
PADM 6600.P3Public & Nonprofit Management3 CreditsW 6:30-9pmKocher
EDUC 6666.P3Supervised Practicum in Correction of Reading Problems3 CreditsTH 5-7:30pmBarto
(Prerequisite:  EDUC 6607)
(For Reading Specialist Students)
EDUC 2402.P3 Field Experience II1 CreditN/A
EDUC 3404.P3Field Experience IV2 CreditsN/A
EDUC 6575.P3Apprenticeship Teaching6 CreditsN/AGerminario
EDUC 6828.P3Teaching Lab & Field Experience II1 CreditN/A
EDUC 6606.P1DFoundations in Reading II3 Credits N/A (Online)Garvey
(For Reading Specialist Students)
BIOL1031/1032.P1DEnvironmental Health3 CreditsN/A (Online)JimenezN/A18
BIOL 1121.P1DTopics in Modern Biology3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A18
COMM 2101.P1DProfessional Communication3 CreditsN/A (Online)GoldfarbN/A20
CORE 3004.P1DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A20
CORE 3004.P2DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A20
CORE 3004.P3DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)DunnN/A20
ENGL 2202.P1DMasterpieces of World Literature II3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A20
ENGL 3111.P1DIntroduction to Memoir Writing3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A20
HUMN 2243.P1DRoman Civilization3 Credits N/A (Online)EpsteinN/A10
HUMN 2439.P1DRadical Political Thought3 Credits N/A (Online)GiffordN/A7
HUMN 2445.P1DDemocracy in America3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A5
HUMN 3000.P1DDealing with Diversity3 CreditsN/A (Online)D. WatkinsN/A20
HUMN 4439.P1DQuestioning Religion3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A15
INTER 2101.P1DGlobalization:  Nature, Causes, Consequences3 CreditsN/A (Online)WintersN/A10
INTER 4439.P1DQuestioning Religion3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A5
IBUS 2201.P1DInternational Business3 CreditsN/A (Online)GoldfarbN/A20
MIS 4450.P1DInformation Resource Management3 CreditsN/A (Online)SafkoN/A20
PHIL 2258.P1DEthical & Moral Analysis in the Sciences3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A20
PHIL 2445.P1DDemocracy in America3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A5
PHIL 3310.P1DHuman Perspectives in a Computerized Society3 CreditsN/A (Online)WintersN/A10
PHIL 4431.P1DSS:  Angels & Demons:  Judaism & Christianity3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A5
PSYC 1102.P1DGeneral Psychology II3 CreditsN/A (Online)ArmeliN/A10
RELI 4431.P1DSS:  Angels & Demons:  Judaism & Christianity3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A5
SOCI 3610.P1DMulticultural Perspectives3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A20
Term 2 March 23, 2015 - May 16, 2015
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
HIST 2223.P3Renaissance and Reformation3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmKornbluh
BUSI 2450.P3Business Dynamics3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmKleiner
SOCI 2246.P3 Communications & Gender3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmGouse
ENGL 3141.P3Travel Writing3 CreditsSAT 9-3pm
MGMT 3303.P3Business Organization3 CreditsSAT 9-3pmPlace
SOCI 3211.P3BPolitical Sociology3 CreditsSAT 9-3pmKoza
(Blended course, meets in-person and online)