Ocean County College-Winter/Spring 2014

Winter Term January 2, 2014 - January 23, 2014 
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
ENGL 4447.P1DThe Tempest:  Music Rich and Strange3 CreditsN/A (Online)MayhewN/A
HUMN 3218.P1DCurrent Ethical Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A
HUMN 3318.P1DJerusalem:  The Holy City3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A
Terms 1 & 215 WeeksJanuary 27, 2014 - May 17, 2014 
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom
COMM 3311.P6BCustomer Service3 CreditsM 5:30-8:20pmTormeyBART 316
(Blended course, meets in-person and online)
MGMT 3303.P6BBusiness Organization3 CreditsT 6:30-9:20pmHooverBART 311
(Blended course, meets in-person and online)
HRTM 2210.P6BSales & Marketing for Hospitality Managers3 CreditsW 6:30-9:20pmForcellaBART 311
BIOL1031/1032.P1DEnvironmental Health3 CreditsN/A (Online)JimenezN/A
BIOL 1121.P1DTopics in Modern Biology3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A
COMM 2101.P1DProfessional Communication3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A
CORE 3004.P1DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A
CORE 3004.P2DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A
CORE 3004.P3DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)DunnN/A
ENGL 2202.P1DMasterpieces of World Literature II3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A
ENGL 4400.P1DPostcolonial Shakespeare3 CreditsN/A (Online)MayhewN/A
HUMN 2243.P1DRoman Civilization3 Credits N/A (Online)EpsteinN/A
HUMN 2439.P1DRadical Political Thought3 Credits N/A (Online)GiffordN/A
HUMN 2444.P1DTechnology and Its Critics3 Credits N/A (Online)BramerN/A
HUMN 2445.P1DDemocracy in America3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A
HUMN 3000.P1DDealing with Diversity3 CreditsN/A (Online)D. WatkinsN/A
HUMN 4431.P1DLanguage, Logic, and Culture 3 CreditsN/A (Online)WintersN/A
HUMN 4439.P1DQuestioning Religion3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A
INTER 4439.P1DQuestioning Religion3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A
IBUS 2201.P1DInternational Business3 CreditsN/A (Online)GoldfarbN/A
MIS 4450.P1DInformation Resource Management3 CreditsN/A (Online)SafkoN/A
PHIL 1000.P1DThe Life of the Mind3 CreditsN/A (Online)BaronN/A
PHIL 2258.P1DEthical & Moral Analysis in the Sciences3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A
PHIL 2445.P1DDemocracy in America3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A
PHIL 4431.P1DSS:  Angels & Demons:  Judaism & Christianity3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A
PSYC 1102.P1DGeneral Psychology II3 CreditsN/A (Online)ArmeliN/A
RELI 4431.P1DSS:  Angels & Demons:  Judaism & Christianity3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A
SOCI 3610.P1DMulticultural Perspectives3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A