Cumberland County College - Fall 2014


Term 1
August 25, 2014 - October 18, 2014

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom

HUMN 3042.P3The Bible and Its Influence3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmBaronUS3

IBUS 2201.P3International Business3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmPlaceU103

SOCI 2243.P3Cultural Studies: Sci., Tech., Work & Belief3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmSteinackerU102

ENGL 3381.P3Popular Fiction3 CreditsSAT 9-3:00pmPerryU102

MGMT 2261.P3Human Motivation and Behavior3 CreditsSAT 9-3:00pmNewmanU103

Terms 1 & 2 15 Weeks
August 25, 2014 - December 18, 2014
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom

EDUC 1108.P3 Seminar in Professional Practice I3 CreditsM 6:30-9pmDiNicolaUS2

EDUC 3309.P3 Seminar in Professional Practice III3 CreditsM 6:30-9pmLaRocca TraceyUS3

EDUC 6718.P3Curriculum-Program Evaluation & Student Assessment3 CreditsT 5-7:30pmPetruzzelliUS2

(For Reading Specialist Students)

EDUC 6819.P3Language Development & Literacy II3 CreditsW 6:30-9pmLentineUS3

EDUC 6825.P3Apprenticeship Teaching Seminar2 CreditsW 4:30-6:10pmGerminarioUS2

EDUC 7763.P3Human Relations & Conflict Resolution3 CreditsW 6:30-9pmJacksonUS2

PADM 7718.P3Contemporary Management Issues3 CreditsW 6:30-9pmAddison/U102U102

EDUC 6607.P3Diagnosis of Reading Problems3 CreditsTH 5-7:30pmBartoUS2

(For 2nd Year Reading Specialist Students)

EDUC 6835.P3 Effective Teaching/Effective Schools3 CreditsTH 6:30-9pmSilversteinUS1

EDUC 2401.P3 Field Experience I1 CreditN/APotena

EDUC 3403.P3 Field Experience III2 CreditsN/APotena

EDUC 6575.P3Apprenticeship Teaching6 CreditsN/AGerminario

EDUC 6824.P3Teaching Lab & Field Experience I1 CreditN/AOldt

PADM 6821.P3M.P.A. Project Report3 CreditsN/ARoberts

EDUC 6605.P1DFoundations in Reading I3 CreditsN/A (Online)Garvey

(For 1st Year Reading Specialist Students)

EDUC 6673.P1DIntegrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum3 CreditsN/A (Online)Campbell

(For Reading Specialist Students)


BIOL 1105/1115.P1DThe Human Environment3 CreditsN/A (Online)JiminezN/A

BIOL 1121.P1DTopics in Modern Biology3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A

COMM 3311.P1DCustomer Service3 CreditsN/A (Online)GoldfarbN/A

CORE 3004.P1DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A

CORE 3004.P2DGlobal Issues3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A

ENGL 3335.P1DCreative Writing I (Scriptwriting)3 CreditsN/A (Online)SpaldoN/A

ENGL 3361.P1DMilton3 CreditsN/A (Online)BuckN/A

ENGW 3001.P1DAdvanced Writing Workshop3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A

HUMN 2241.P1DGreek Civilization3 CreditsN/A (Online)EpsteinN/A

HUMN 2281.P1DChristianity: Foundations & Early History3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A

HUMN 2443.P1DAfrican-American Political Thought3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A

HUMN 2456.P1DDissent in Popular Culture3 CreditsN/A (Online)GiffordN/A

HUMN 3000.P1DDealing with Diversity3 CreditsN/A (Online)D. WatkinsN/A

HUMN 4490.P1DSS: Politics and Culture3 CreditsN/A (Online)ZimmerleN/A

MIS 2151.P1DElectronic Commerce & Beyond3 CreditsN/A (Online)SafkoN/A

PHIL 2255.P1DBusiness Ethics3 CreditsN/A (Online)VassalloN/A

PHIL 2258.P1DEthical & Moral Analysis in the Sciences3 CreditsN/A (Online)ValentiN/A

PHIL 2443.P1DAfrican-American Political Thought3 CreditsN/A (Online)EdwardsN/A

PHIL 3310.P1DHuman Perspectives in a Computerized Society3 CreditsN/A (Online)WintersN/A

SOCI 3349.P1DGrown-Up World: Work in the Life of Adults 3 CreditsN/A (Online)BartoN/A

Term 2
October 23, 2014 - December 17, 2014
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDays/TimesStaffRoom

COMM 2101.P3Professional Communication3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmParlett

HUMN 2215.P3Understanding Human Diversity3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmGouseU103

PADM 4505.P3Psychology of Terrorism3 CreditsT/TH 6:30-9pmD. WatkinsU102

CORE 1001.P3Perspectives on the Individual3 CreditsSAT 9-3:00pmPerry

HUMN 2446.P3Religion & Human Rights - Conflict & Issues3 CreditsSAT 9-3:00pmYusuffU101