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Thursday, October 9, 2014



 "Today's Diverse and Dispersed Workforce: the Debate Continues"


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 Panel Facilitator: Meryl Rosenthal

 CEO & President, Virtual Office, FlexPaths®, NJ

plus panel of HR executives:


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 Beverly Winkler
Director Organizational Engagement, Leadership & Development



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Jeff Martin

Change Management Program Manager

Wells Fargo


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Jim Ryan
Leader for Global Workplace Strategy

Pitney Bowes



 Are today’s work styles (mobile, agile) and work environments (open office, hotelling, satellite offices) helping or hurting businesses to excel and people to thrive?  How do these impact culture, alignment, performance, sustainability, and productivity? This panel will address a range of perspectives from experienced workplace strategists and best practices for managing these dynamics.





(payments not taken online; please pay at door)

(checks should be made out to "Fairleigh Dickinson University")



  • Time: Presentation: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.,  Refreshments & Networking: 5:30  - 6:00 
  • Fee*: $40/for-profit; $20/non-profit or "in-transition"; students and faculty free




* Non-partners are subject to the $40/$20 admittance  fee if they register but do not attend and do not notify us by two days before the seminar.  Please note: ISE/CHRMS incurs food-ordering costs whether a registrant actually attends or not, which is why we state on our registration materials that there is a payment expected regardless of actual attendance. 









































































































Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

Topic:     "Building a Culture for Sustainability at Sanofi:  Putting the Patient First"

Panel from Sanofi: John Spinnato, Vice President, North America CSR; Kathleen Castore, Director, Corporate Initiatives, Supplier Diversity and Sustainability; Michael Sokol, M.D., Vice President and Chief Wellness Officer; and Peter Lalli, Senior Director, North America CSR.



Friday, Dec. 5, 2014

Topic TBA

Presenters: Brooke Weizmann, Manager, Corporate Sustainability Branding & Communications and Charlene Wall-Warren, Sustainability Manager and Strategic Business Development, BASF



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