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The Student Government Association – Who’s Who

The Student Government Association at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Vancouver not only provides leadership opportunities but promotes the student body by offering students a voice and autonomy. With the opening of FDU’s Vancouver campus students had the unique opportunity to take part in creating the culture and student life from the ground up. Offering the students the opportunity to create a governing body is an essential part of the orientation and acclamation process, empowering students to be a part of the planning and implementation process of student events and activities. Fairleigh Dickinson University – Vancouver presents its Student Body Government of 2010/2011:

Vancouver - SGA Juliana LOGO

Juliana Fiorentino, President

Juliana Fiorentino is an international student from Brazil, who is attending the second year of Business Administration at FDU-Vancouver. Juliana has a degree in Psychology from the Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil.

Juliana thinks it is very important to get involved in society, so she is constantly pursuing opportunities to make contacts and engage in her community. She is currently the President of the Student’s Association for the term 2010 -2011, and was an orientation leader to the new students for the summer semester of 2010. Furthermore, she is very proud to be one of the privileged students to work on campus. She is taking advantage of the opportunity to develop her communication and administrative skills and is helping to bring students from South America to enjoy the great opportunities at FDU-Vancouver.

Juliana considers herself very fortunate for being part of the select group of the Global Scholars Program. She knows that this unique opportunity is going to be a great experience in her life, she is having the chance to study the accomplishments and issues of other cultures, and is hoping to be able to apply this acquired knowledge in her community. Moreover, she believes every student should strive to get the most from their learning institution and its professors. Juliana was delighted to have her name put on the Honour’s list in her first two semesters at FDU: fall 2010 and spring 2011.

Vancouver SGA - Jason Phan LOGO

Jason Phan, Secretary

Jason Phan, Student Government Secretary. He was born in Victoria, BC and has been with FDU since its second semester. With a major in Information Technology, he combines his full time courses with a full time job and likes to play games in his spare time.

Vancouver - SGA Rakan LOGO

Rakan Alhamad, Treasurer

Rakan Alhamad was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  He has just started his senior year at FDU-Vancouver majoring in International Business. Rakan loves playing sports; mainly soccer, tennis, and snowboarding. When he was 13 years old, he was selected as the captain of his school soccer team.  Rakan love playing with teams and winning as many trophies as he can. On the other hand, he loves traveling and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. He believes that being associated with successful people helps build up a strong and driven persona. One of his most influential people and role models is Nelson Mandela. Finally, Rakan believes that the true virtue in life is touching the lives of the people in need.

Vancouver - SGA Denice LOGO

Denice Uy, Academic Representative

Denice Kristen Uy came from the Philippines where she studied in De La Salle University – Manila, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Throughout her years of study, she has consistently demonstrated a high-level of academic prowess – becoming a candidate member of her previous university’s prestigious honor society, maintaining an exemplary GPA of 3.89, consistently maintaining her first honors dean’s lister status. During her second year in her previous university, Denice received scholarship and stipends from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), and became her university’s representative to study in Kokushikan University, Tokyo, Japan. During her one-year stay there, she also took the opportunity to work for Portal Japan, Inc., where she worked as a translator and a researcher.

Denice can fluently speak in 5 languages – Tagalog, English, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Chinese Hokkien, and considers this as her greatest achievement so far. She was also awarded The Global Scholarship Award. Currently, she works on campus doing various administrative functions and extends peer tutorials for students who need assistance with their English and Statistics. As the newly elected Student Association’s Academic Representative, she aims to better serve the student body by acting as a liaison between both them and the university.

Vancouver - SGA Carlos LOGO

Carlos Nakashima, Social Representative

Carlos is a Business Administration student at Fdu Vancouver and also SA Student Representative. played baseball at national level at a young age and as vice-captain defended his country, Brazil at the World Cup in 1997 held in Japan, coming in second place.

In 2005, he graduated with a degree in Advertising and began working as a graphic designer and art director with several advertising agencies. He also formed an advertising agency in partnership with classmates. Carlos moved to Canada to improve his English skills and is now pursuing a second degree in Business Administration. He volunteers for Sawa Global as a graphic designer and still does some freelance work for some of his Brazilian clients. He also developed his sister’s fashion blog which has become very respected in Brazil. Carlos is currently working part-time as a Nintendo's Representative.

Vancouver - SGA David LOGO

David Theduy Nguyen, Activities Coordinator

David is originally Vietnamese (born in Hanoi, the 1,000 year-old capital.) He considers himself as a friendly, caring, enthusiastic person who is always there to support friends. He likes all kinds of social activities. He has been volunteering for South Granville Senior Centre and Annual Scotiabank Walk for AIDS for about 2 years. He also devotes his time to activities of the Rotaract Club.

David chose to continue his study in Vancouver  for its great beauty of nature and its peaceful environment. He is now pursuing his bachelor's degree in International Business/Finance . He achieved Dean's award for the Spring 2010 semester. David serves on the Student Association as the Activities Coordiantor.

His passions are food, photography and traveling. He loves to try all kinds of food from different countries and take photos everywhere he goes.

FDU-Vancouver SGA has many fun events planned. Check out the Events page for more information.