Information for Parents -- FDU-Vancouver

Studying at FDU-Vancouver 

Each student's experience at FDU-Vancouver is unique. Your student will have the opportunity to define his or her own experience -- and the possibilities are limitless!

This section highlights a few possibilities including some of the services that help ensure your student makes the most out of their time at FDU-Vancouver.

If your student has just been admitted, we encourage them to visit our website describing everything they need to do to get their FDU-Vancouver experience started!

Next thing you know, your student will be attending Orientation -- students who attend Orientation have a smoother transition to FDU-Vancouver and most meet their FDU-Vancouver friends at the program!


Academic Programs
FDU-Vancouver offers the following academic programs  to your student, leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Classes follow a trimester calendar that will enable your student to fast track their studies and earn  their degree in less than three years by attending classes year-round. FDU-Vancouver's academic programs are currently offered through two programs: Business Management and Information Technology.  Also see our Calendar.

Learning Support 
Your student's academic success and personal welfare is our top priority. Our skilled academic advisors and student support staff will work closely with you and your family to ensure your smooth transition to college life and to living in Canada. Our Academic Support Program (ASP) helps your student if they are struggle academically, to identify the cause of their academic difficulty and helps to implement strategies to improve their academic development and ensure success in their program of study.

Students who engage in campus life are more likely to be successful. Therefore FDU-Vancouver offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved. Students looking to get involved should visit The office of Student Services to see the events calendar, and get information on student clubs, organizations and much more!

Supporting your student 

Parents and families contribute to the success of FDU-Vancouver students. How much you are involved, or how little, in your student's FDU-Vancouver career is something you and your student will determine.

Student Information

FDU-Vancouver staff can often answer general questions you may have about the university. Generally, staff and faculty cannot discuss specific information with anyone other than the student. FDU-Vancouver's primary relationship is with our students, and their privacy is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In some cases, your student can authorize FDU-Vancouver staff to release information to a third party. We suggest that students contact the Office of Student Services for more information.

FDU-Vancouver 101 

For a complete virtual history of Fairleigh Dickinson University please go to FDU's Main website and see for yourself how we've grown. 

Fairleigh Dickinson University is a constellation of learning environments. Each campus is unique, each is different, and each is vital to the strength and diversity that set FDU apart. The variety of experiences available to FDU students is rarely found at other schools. No matter what kind of educational environment you seek, no matter what sort of atmosphere appeals to you, you can find it at FDU.

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