FDU SMART Communications (formerly FDU Mobile)

Special mobile services are provided through FDU SMART Communications, a partnership between Fairleigh Dickinson University and Rave Wireless.  FDU SMART Communications provides two unique capabilities for FDU students, namely Rave Guardian, a proactive safety feature;and Mobile Blackboard, an academic feature used to assist students in getting key information from faculty members while away from their computers. All students are eligible for special discount plans through a special arrangement with Sprint.  Resident students may be eligible for an additional discount or subsidy. For more information, visit http://fdumobile.fdu.edu.

FDU Alert, part of FDU SMART Communications, provides important notification and information during certain emergencies.  All students must register their contact information with FDU Alert. Students also have the option to provide additional mobile and email contact information to include parents, guardians and others when FDU Alert is activated in the event of a campus emergency. For more information or to sign up or update your contact information, visit http://www.fdu.edu/alert/.

All students, regardless of carrier, can enjoy the benefits of all the FDU SMART mobile features.

To learn more about FDU SMART Communications and how it can help you during your time at Fairleigh Dickinson University contact