Campus Life

When students think of college, their first thoughts are usually of the classroom. But lectures and labs are just a part of the total college experience. College is your chance to interact with people whose backgrounds are different from your own -- to try out a new sport or activity you've never done before -- to develop leadership and social skills that will last a lifetime. In short, it's a chance to discover yourself and what you do best.

Through its Offices of Campus Life and Residence Life, FDU's College at Florham is committed to providing students a wide range of choices on that path to self-discovery. As a student, your job will be to take full advantage of those choices -- and have fun doing it! The following are just some of the opportunities you can explore as a student at FDU. For most students, living on campus is one of the most memorable and fulfilling parts of their college experience. For many, it marks the first time they've lived on their own, away from family and friends. At the College at Florham, three of every four undergraduate students choose to live in the University's residence halls.

Twombly Halls, which usually house first-year students, are two traditional-style residence halls, coed by floor, with double rooms and common bathroom facilities. Students give high grades to the extra-spacious rooms in the Twomblies. The Village features nine suite-style buildings; each has four- or six-person suites with a common living room and bathroom and two or three double bedrooms. Coed by suite, The Village is fully air-conditioned. The Park Avenue Residence Halls have four-person suites, each with its own living room.

The residence halls feature:

·       Free weekly housekeeping services in the common areas,

·       Free laundry facilities,

·       Wireless and Ethernet links to the campus network and

·       Access to cable television link-ups in each room.

All residence halls contain smoke-free rooms. Resident students are permitted to have cars on campus. Free parking is available in lots near the residence halls.  Beginning in Fall 2013, incoming College at Florham freshmen students, residing on campus, will have the ability to apply for a parking permit. Approved freshmen students will be allowed to park in a designated area in residence parking lot #3, located in the rear of Park Avenue residence hall nearest to Hamilton Park conference center.

Each residence hall floor has a resident assistant (RA) who serves as an on-site counselor and resource for students. Your RA will plan activities to encourage you to meet and get to know other resident students. Examples might include white-water rafting, hiking excursions, skiing in the Poconos, shopping at area malls and discount outlets, a skirmish weekend (paint-ball) or a semiformal dance.

Overnight guests are permitted on campus, but they must be registered for each night's stay. The residence halls have card-access doors, security cameras and campus security regularly inspects campus grounds and facilities.

Near the residence halls, you'll find a variety of outdoor courts and playing fields for a casual game or two. They include a volleyball pit as well as lighted basketball courts and softball field for evening play.

Meal Plan

Even the most finicky palate will find something delicious to eat at the College at Florham. The main cafeteria, located in the Student Center, features a variety of food court-style selections.

In addition to daily hot foods, students can choose from a pasta bar, salad bar and such traditional college favorites as cold cuts and cheeses, burgers and fries. To top off a meal, you can create your own ice cream or frozen yogurt dessert. Vegetarian, low-fat and other special diets can be maintained through the variety of selections offered.

FDU's Flex Plan makes dining easy, providing you with ample options so dining never is boring. Through the plan, students are given an electronic card with meal credits that can be "spent" at the dining hall and other dining sites on campus. If work, studies or student activities delay you from regular mealtime hours, you can choose from limited "after-hours" selections in the dining area or get your late night snacks from the “Grill".  The Perk offers gourmet coffees and snacks. With the Flex Plan card, you never need to carry cash for food -- your meal is automatically credited against your food account.

Sports and Recreation

Sports are big among students at the College at Florham and the campus' Ferguson Recreation Center is home base. The center's convenient hours make it easy for you to get involved on a team -- or to just stay fit through a regular program of exercise. The center's certified training staff can help you develop a personalized fitness program. Classes include step aerobics, aerobics and ballet. If you're interested in using weights as part of your program, you'll want to take advantage of the center's all-new Cybex equipment.

There are two racquetball courts in the center. FDU even provides the equipment, free of charge -- all you need do is reserve court time! The center includes a three-court basketball arena that's ideal for concerts as well as games. Suspended around the courts is an eighth-mile long running track. There's even a snack bar that operates during games and special events.

For water-lovers, there's a 25-yard, eight-lane competition swimming pool in the Recreation Center. It's the site of occasional "Dive-In Movies," too, where students enjoy films from their floats in the pool.

Things to Do

On campus, the Student Center includes a coffee house and student pub.

From parties to sporting events, guest lectures to concerts, there's always something of interest happening on campus. Games featuring the campus's Division III teams in football, basketball and volleyball are among the most popular draws.

Major annual events on campus include the fall Homecoming and Family Day (complete with a carnival and football game) and spring Greek Week (complete with Olympic competitions, toga-wearing and the selection of a Greek god and goddess).

There's also campus theater with student-written and student-directed plays. An in-depth program that explores a major world issue or country is held each year and attracts world-renowned guest speakers and cultural exhibitions.

Places to Go

Tired of studying? Ready for an evening out? The choice is yours - stay on campus or enjoy the resources of nearby towns and New York City. If you're suffering from a case of campus cabin fever, you can journey into Morristown to enjoy a first-run movie or try one of its many excellent restaurants or clubs.

In Madison, there are dozens of quaint shops, cafes and delicatessens that cater to the college crowd. The campuses of FDU, Drew University and St. Elizabeth College are all within walking distance of the others, enabling students from each school the chance to study and party together. And whenever you hunger for big-city life, New York City is just a short ride away. You can catch a bus at the front gate of campus or a train a short walk away and be in midtown Manhattan in just 40 minutes.

Student organizations

Student organizations are a great way to meet people outside the classroom who share your interests. And, if you're interested in getting involved in an activity or club that doesn't currently exist at FDU, you'll be encouraged to organize one! Below and at left are some of the various student organizations at FDU:

Florham Programming Committee (FPC)
Activities at the College at Florham are chosen and organized by students. Students serving on the FPC help produce programs for the benefit of the entire student body. Typical activities include concerts, comedy performances, movies, spring-break trips, Homecoming festivities and dances.

Social Greek Organizations
The College at Florham has an active Greek community, with both national and local fraternities and sororities represented. Students participate in on-campus events as well as taking on important service projects in the local community. Among the charitable projects sponsored by the campus's Greek chapters are a blood drive, softball marathon, campus-man competition and an airband contest. An annual Greek Week celebration also is held.