Summer 2014 Courses

Summer I: 5/27-7/5

CCOM7070: International Corporate Communication & Culture

Travel Dates: 5/20-6/2            Radford

A 12-day seminar course offered at Wroxton College, England. The key objective of the seminar is to make students familiar with the cultural, historical, and political contexts in which international business transactions take place, from a UK and European perspective. Along with an understanding of the cultural context of communication, students are given a grounding in the theoretical context of communication study. The 2014 seminar will provide a theory component provided by UK academics which will address key differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the task of theorizing about communication and the implications of these differences for business.

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Note: Cross-listed with COMM 4070

Summer II: 6/16-7/26

CCOM6044: Managing PR in the Modern Organization

Fully online                              Caldiero

This course will explore the challenges that face the modern corporation and its communications executives and managers. Students will have the opportunity to analyze a range of communications situations to examine and apply appropriate research techniques necessary for effective campaigns. The course will put theory into practice by planning several campaigns and will expose students to the rigor of corporate standards, ethics and best practices in communications.

Note: Cross-listed with COMM 3244



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