Computer Science BS Cybersecurity Concentration

B.S in Computer Science with a Concentration in CyberSecurity

The demand for cyber security professionals is high and is expected to grow even more in the coming years in both the public and private sectors. Cyber security professionals are needed to protect computer networks and systems in the financial, communication, energy and transportation industries as well as in the government, against cyber-attacks.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated Fairleigh Dickinson University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE) for the academic years 2012 through 2015.

The information assurance (IA) academic program described on this web page helps impart skills and training needed to defending America's cyberspace.

Our CyberSecurity curriculum has been designed to lay a solid foundation in computer science and mathematics. This concentration for the computer science major has been based on carefully chosen courses in the Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics department and is further strengthened by requiring courses in network and data security. There is a provision for internships that will provide practical experience in the field. The College at Florham enjoys the proximity of several computer science and information technology companies in the area and a number of CS and Mathematics students have had internship positions with these organizations. The department will continue to build and strengthen ties with these organizations with a view to expand experiential learning opportunities for the students in the field of cybersecurity.

Courses in this concentration will cover a range of topics from an overview of Computer Security, Foundations – Access Control Matrix, Policy – Security Policies, Confidentiality Policies, Integrity Policies, Hybrid Policies, to Implementation – Information Hiding Techniques – Steganography, Digital Watermarking, Cryptography, Fingerprinting, Key Management, Cipher Techniques, Authentication, Access Control Mechanisms, Confinement Problem, User and System Security, Data Security, Copyright, Digital Certificates, Digital Rights Management.

Program Details - Computer Science BS CyberSecurity Concentration

Offered by the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics

Required Courses for BS in Computer Science

Computer Science Electives

Students opting for the cybersecurity concentration will include the following in their choice of electives:

Additional elective courses to be selected from the 2000 or higher level offerings in computer science  

Cognate Courses

As part of the humanities and social science requirements, students will opt to take PHIL1003 Ethics and SOCI2306 Crime and Criminology

Optional courses




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