Bernard Dick

Professor of Communication and English in the School of Art & Media Studies at the Metropolitan Campus, Dr. Bernard Dick joined the University faculty in September, 1970. 

Bernard Dick FULLHe teaches a variety of courses including screenwriting, film (introductory and advanced courses in various genres and directors), English courses in composition or world literature, professional communication, managerial writing, speech for actors and announcers, professional communications and managerial writing.

A Scranton, Pa. native, Dr. Dick has a Ph.D. in classical literature from Fordham University.

A nationally recognized authority on film and film history, Dr. Dick’s areas of interest are literature,  theatre, opera, art, and the media, which he follows by reading  Variety and the Hollywood Reporter regularly. 

In 2004, Dr. Dick published two books: Hal Wallis, Producer to the Stars (U Press of Kentucky) and the 5th edition of his text Anatomy of Film, published by Bedford-St. Martin's. Dr. Dick developed the University film courses in the early 1970s and “Because I couldn’t find a satisfactory textbook, I had to write my own,” he recalls.

He is the author of:

William Golding (1967), The Hellenism of Mary Renault (1972), The Apostate Angel: A Critical Study of Gore Vidal (1974), Anatomy of Film (1978), Billy Wilder (1980), Hellman in Hollywood (1982) Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1983), The Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film (1985), William Golding, Revised Edition (1987), Radical Innocence: A Critical Study of the Hollywood Ten (1989), Anatomy of Film, 2nd ed. (1989), Columbia Pictures:Portrait of a Studio (1991), The Merchant Prince of Poverty Row:Harry Cohn of ColumbiaPictures (1993) Billy Wilder, Updated Edition (1996), The Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film,  paperback edition with an afterword (1996), City of Dreams: The Making and Remaking of Universal Pictures  (1997),  Anatomy of Film, 3rd edition (1998) , Engulfed: The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of CorporateHollywood (2001), Anatomy of Film, 4th ed. (2001),  HalWallis, Producer to the Stars (2004) Anatomy of Film, 5th ed. (2004)

In a Summer 2003 FDU Magazine faculty profile,. Dick comments on the research necessary to publish nearly two books a year. “To me this is leisure,” he says. “It is a ‘vacation’ to go to Los Angeles and work in the Academy Library, USC or UCLA. It’s wonderful.”

Having grown up in a bilingual  household (his grandmother was a Lithuanian immigrant, and his mother also spoke and wrote the language), Dr. Dick enjoys the international atmosphere at the Metropolitan Campus.

He has received numerous honors during his career including the University’s Distinguished Faculty Award for Research and Scholarship.

In his own words:

On his teaching: “Because of my grandmother  and her sisters, I learned at an early age to be patient with non-native  speakers of English, for whom I have great sympathy. Several times in Germany and Austria the natives were tolerant of my academic German  and I hope I have conveyed that feeling to our international students.”

On his research: “I have just completed a book-length manuscript on the actress Rosalind Russell.  I am deliberating about my next project, although I am tending toward a history of Twentieth Century-Fox, now part of Rupert Murdoch's empire. “