Spring Break Housing

Apply for Spring Break Housing (or request an extension for a late flight):

Residents who wish to stay during any portion of the Spring Break must submit a Spring Break Housing Application. You will have permission to remain in the halls only if you have received an email confirmation from the Office of Residence Life. Overnight guests are not permitted during Spring Break. Any resident violating a Residence Life or FDU Policy will have their extension immediately revoked and face disciplinary procedures. In addition, you will forfeit all related housing fees. 

  • The cost to reside on campus for the entire Spring Break is $305.
  • The deadline to apply is Friday, February 28, 2014 by 5:00 pm.
  • Late applicants will be assessed a $50 fee.

Not Staying For Spring Break:

You must vacate your residence hall room by 6:00 pm on Friday, March 14th. The residence halls will reopen on Sunday, March 23rd at 10:00 am.You do not have to remove your belongings over the Spring Break. However, you will have no access to your residence hall room during any portion of the Spring Break.

The SUB Cafeteria will be closed after dinner is served on Friday March 14th, and will reopen for brunch on Sunday, March 23rd.

Please secure or take home any valuables to minimize the chance of theft over break. University staff typically enters rooms over break periods for health and safety checks and routine maintenance. Students found on campus without prior approval will be considered trespassing, face disciplinary action, charged the applicable rate, and removed from university property. We will not be receiving any early arrivals -- please plan your return trips accordingly.


After you apply for Spring Break Housing:

Once you apply for Spring Break Housing or an Extension, and based on the reason for your request, the following must be submitted electronically to Stacey O. Davis at oakley@fdu.edu. Your request for Spring Break Housing or an Extension is incomplete and will not be processed until this is received:

On-Campus Employment (letter required from supervisor on FDU letterhead verifying employment during Spring Break)

Late Flight (electronic copy of ticket/flight itinerary required)

Other (letter attached in email explaining extenuating circumstance)

In-Season Athlete (eligibility will be verified through Athletics)

International Students (eligibility will be verified by Residence Life)