Help for FILL Students

How to join the FILL mailing list and how to set up WEBmail, WEBAdvisor, WEBCampus and Novell accounts.

  • To join the FILL electronic mailing list send an email message (from the email address you regularly use) to: You will be automatically added and will start to receive information, news ,and updates! You do NOT have to be an enrolled member of FILL to join our list.
  • WebMail is the FDU email system. If you are enrolled in FILL you are eligible to have webmail, which is a helfpul way to get university information. Click here to set up an account if you don't have one yet.
  • WebAdvisor is the FDU system for checking on university courses and to check your transcript (if you are enrolled in University courses).
  • WebCampus (also known as Blackboard) is how university instructors and some FILL instructors post course documents, assignments, etc.
  • Novell - Allows a student to logon at the computer labs on campus. If you are enrolled in one of the RPI computer classes you must have a Novell account, preferably BEFORE the first class. If you can't figure out the instructions provided call Geraldine or email Bruce to get more help.

In general, if you have any problems, please ask the Lab Assistants or call UTAC (need student ID) 973-443-8822 for help.