B.S. in Business Administration with Information Systems Concentration Major Requirements Prior to 2011

15-Credit Major


Elective: Select One Elective Business Course*

*Course chosen from any permissible courses offered in other SCB majors.  Permissible means the student has satisfied all prerequisites for any course in which he/she wishes to enroll.

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Admission Requirements

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Prospective Students:

For more information contact: 

Silberman College of Business
Undergraduate Services Office

Janette Shurdom
Director of Undergraduate Programs & Student Services
(V) 201-692-2135
(F) 201-692-7209

Current Students:

For information or questions regarding your program please contact the advisor on your campus:

Florham Campus
Center for Business Students-Advising Office
The Mansion, Lower Level
(V) 973-443-8800
(F) 973-443-8808

Janet Rapisardi
Undergraduate Managing Advisor

Metropolitan Campus
Academic Advisement Center
Robison Hall, Room 30
(V) 201-692-2339
(F) 201-692-2233

Rachel D. Murphy