Centers and Institutes

Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship
James Barrood, Executive Director

The Rothman Institute focuses on class work and outreach programs that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship in a real environment. It offers a thorough and practical understanding of the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting.

Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship 190 FULL

Institute for Forensic Science Administration (IFSA)
Roger Koppl, Executive Director

Through research, education, outreach, and policy espousal, IFSA promotes improvements in forensic science administration and in understanding of forensic science as a legal, social, and political phenomenon.


Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE)
Joel Harmon, Interim Executive Director

ISE has been established to educate current and future leaders of business, government, nonprofit, and educational institutions about managing sustainably by focusing on products, processes, and services that add value to the organizations and are beneficial to people and the planet.


Center for Human Resource Management Studies (CHRMS)
Joel Harmon, Interim Executive Director

CHRMS is a partnership between education, industry, and the community, creating a learning environment committed to the development of knowledge and leadership in the management of human resources.